Favorite Real Estate Websites in the Portland Area

There are a lot of real estate websites in the Portland metro area. Here are some of our favorites to search for homes in the various suburbs of the Portland Metro area:

http://www.portlandoctopus.com – A great site for Portland neighborhoods, and real estate by zip code.

http://lakeoswegorealestatesearch.com – ever wanted to live on your own private island?  There’s one for sale on Lake Oswego right now.  Too much money? This site will help you find something in your price range.

http://sherwoodarearealestate.com – for our friends just South of Portland, this site offers the ability to search all the homes for sale in the Sherwood and Tualatin area.

http://jewelofthepearl.com – a pretty kick ass site if you’re looking for condos and lofts for sale in Portland’s Pearl District neighborhood.

http://clackamasorrealestate.com – Looking out East? Check out Clackamas County or the Happy Valley area.  This site has great info for both…

http://matinrealestate.com – On the Western front, namely the Beaverton Hillsboro area, this site provides info and a view of the homes for sale in the area.

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